When it comes to marketing – you’ve got to be different

Last year as I was sitting in my office finishing off my work the front door intercom rang. It was on a Friday afternoon and I was already contemplating the weekend and how I was going to spoil myself after a long, busy week.

A lady was standing there all smiles. Handed me a box, said it was a gift and left. I opened it and saw a selection of beautifully decorated mini muffins & cookies. My first thought was it was a thank-you from a client but when I looked at the business card I realised the lady was a caterer doing marketing.

Everything looked so good, I couldn’t help but check out their website on the spot. Turned out she was a boutique caterer offering some really creative and delicious looking bites for specific occasions such as wedding anniversaries and christenings.

I used her services once this year and ended up recommending her to a friend who also availed of her services.

My point – your marketing approach matters, it makes all the difference in fact.

Something I often talk to my clients about – if you want to be different, it has to come through at every step of your client’s journey.

But your first touch point with a prospect is the most important – it is your chance to stand out. Don’t miss it.

How is your marketing different?