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Paul Davis - Davis Business Consultants

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The 7 BIG Mistakes That 72% of Business Owners Are Making…

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From independent research carried out of 105 small and medium-sized businesses, this report highlights the 7 biggest mistakes that 72% of business owners are making, that is costing them significantly.

You could be making some of these same mistakes too!

Also contained in the report are recommendations and strategies for addressing each of the seven mistakes so as to help you as a business owner develop and grow your business further.

If you get these mistakes corrected, then your profits will increase significantly.

7 Big Mistakes In Business

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What clients say…

We grew the practice sales by €12,000 on average each month, even during a difficult time for any business to grow. The results speak volumes about Pauls’ ability and dedication to help grow our firm.

Jamie O'Hanlon

Managing Director

We have increased our customer base by 25% and have hired two experienced Support Engineers. Paul has been instrumental in providing us with a wealth of knowledge to enable us to move our business to a higher level.
John Coffey

Managing Director

Since we started working with Paul our turnover has increased every year, even in the midst of the worst recession. In our first year alone we got a seven-fold return on our investment with Paul.
Ken Garvey


Paul’s guidance has made a positive life changing experience in business and a personal sense.

Eddie Grace

Managing Director

We would not have a business today if wasn’t for Paul Davis.

Hugh Feighery

Managing Director

With the simple solutions Paul gave me, within ten months I tripled my turnover.

Heidi Sawyer

Business Owner

Paul was able to see an avenue in my business to increase income that I had not considered.

Philip Gillivan

Managing Director

Thanks to Paul I have rekindled my passion and love for my business, and remember again why it is I do what I do.

Deirdre Burke


Working with Paul was one of the best business decisions I could have made.

Susan Kelly

Business Owner

Some of the recent projects I’ve been involved with…

Accountants, Solicitors and Consultants
274% Increase in fees……  more info
Manufacturing & Construction Industry
Losses of €450,000 turned around to profits of €750,000…   more info
Retail Chain of 60 stores nationwide
Losses of €500,000 turned around to profits of €2m…   more info
Small Manufacturing company
Losses of €60,000 turned around to profits of €160,000…   more info
Warehousing and distribution company
Cashflow improved by €350,000 and profits increased by 27%…   more info
Irish based manufacturer finding it difficult to grow
New products and markets developed…   more info
Owner wanting to expand existing business, and develop new business
Company had its best year ever…   more info
Owner wanting to bring business to the next level
Net profits increased by 143%…   more info

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About Paul Davis

Paul Davis is a renowned business growth consultant, sought-after speaker, and intuitive personal advisor, with a passion for empowering professionals worldwide to unearth their unique genius and lead their field.

As the creator of The Genius Code™ — a blueprint for personal mastery — and a three-time best-selling author, Paul is dedicated to helping individuals discover their inner genius, achieve unparalleled fulfilment, and make a profound impact with their business.

Often hailed as a “game-changer” by his clients, Paul has a remarkable gift for enabling clients achieve personal mastery and exceptional business growth.

His intuitive approach, combined with decades of entrepreneurial experience, has transformed countless struggling businesses into multi-million-euro success stories. With a client list that spans industry leaders and innovative entrepreneurs, Paul’s expertise transcends borders and sectors.

As an award-winning consultant and visionary thought leader, Paul Davis is committed to guiding you on a transformative journey of self-discovery, purpose-driven growth, and lasting prosperity.


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