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21 years in business … and a glimpse into my passion for aviation!

To celebrate 21 years of helping clients reach higher levels of success – what better way to celebrate clients and express my extreme gratitude than by standing on top of a high-powered Stearman Biplane doing some aerobatics at 3,800 feet, and going from 0 to 150mph in 3 seconds and experiencing force 4G! 😉

Some of the high-speed manoeuvres included carrying out Loops, Cuban Eight, Stall Turn, Roll, Hesitation Roll and finished off with a fly-by!

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I’m an award-winning business growth consultant and speaker, a three-time best-selling author, an intuitive business mentor, and a recognised thought leader.

In addition to being a member of the International Coach Federation, I’m a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Consultants and Advisors, an NLP Business Practitioner, a University approved trainer, a mentor with the Irish Stock Exchange for companies proceeding to Initial Public Offering (IPO), a business mentor for Enterprise Ireland, a trained facilitator with the Dr Demartini Institute, past president of the Professional Speaking Association, and have studied a plethora of areas including electrical engineering, computer programming, taxation, human behaviour, and philosophy.

To date, I’ve supported countless organisations, transformed several unprofitable enterprises into multi-million Euro successes, and worked with executives and business owners from around the world.

I’ve worked extensively in many areas – business development, marketing, finance, operations, mergers and acquisitions, scaling businesses, personal fulfilment, maximising mental performance, and leadership development, to name but a few, and have held all management positions through to CEO.

I combine my innate intuitive gifts and years of business growth experience to help guide clients to greater results. It’s why clients have referred to me as a “game-changer”.

My passion lies in guiding people to their true purpose and innate genius; aligning their business/career to achieve personal fulfilment; and empowering them to achieve personal mastery and grow a successful business for maximum reward.

I can help you to build a better business, a better life and a better world so that you can live the best and truest expression of yourself in all areas of your life, lead in your field, build your business, make a real difference, and gain more freedom, more recognition and more reward.

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It’s time to get off the hamster wheel and get the results you want!

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and this is what I get up to in my spare time

and on a personal note …

I’ve been married to Dymphna for over thirty years and we have two sons Mark and Ian, aged 29 and 27.

And here’s the latest addition to our family.

Her name is Moka, and she’s a 4-year-old cross between a German Shepherd and a Collie that we rescued – and she’s now the new boss in the house.