“EVOLVE is such an important message in today’s world. Paul Davis gives some important clues to how to build business success from the inside out.” ~ Marianne Williamson – author of four #1 New York Times best selling books

If you want to build a business that is built around your authentic self, and live an inspired life with purpose, then EVOLVE is a “must read”.

Hailed as a “game-changer”, shortlisted by the Dublin Book Festival, listed as one of Great Irish Books awards and achieving bestseller status, this book goes deep into who you truly are and encourages you to build your business on firm foundations to make the difference you want to see in the world.

“EVOLVE is one of the most inspiring and emotionally overwhelming books I have read”. 

If you find yourself a bit restless with life, but deep down you know there is so much more for you to achieve in this life, then consider this as a gentle nudge for you to be able to find answers to the questions you’ve been searching for.

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Probably the most important exercise you can do in your life!

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EVOLVE is such an important message in today’s world. Paul Davis gives some important clues to how to build business success from the inside out. ~ Marianne Williamson – author of four #1 New York Times best selling books

Paul Davis’s EVOLVE reminds us that successful businesses are those that make a profit while at the same time bringing benefits to the wider community. To enable employees to ‘get up in the morning looking forward to coming to work’ is an objective that every business can strive to achieve because, with that spirit, everyone wins, including customers! ~ Senator Feargal Quinn – President, Superquinn

The shocks that markets globally have experienced in the last couple of years have forced large sections of the global economy to re-examine not just the ‘nuts and bolts’ of their business but also how business is done. Many of Paul’s concepts will resonate with readers as elements they bring, or aspire to bring, to their own business lives but this book gives a context and holistic approach which will be invaluable and inspirational. This is a very timely publication. ~ Ian Talbot – CEO, Chambers Ireland

Every thought that we think has a ripple effect throughout the whole world and the conditions of the world. If we become a model of what we would like to see in the world, we’ll have a better world. And in life as in business, there are forces of destiny that work in the background, and the power of your soul has an effect on the circumstances that show up in your life. This interplay between destiny and free will means that sometimes destiny has the leading hand, and other times free will has the leading hand. What Paul explains in this book is how you can harness these forces of destiny and the power of your thoughts so as to reach your own success in business and more importantly in life to make this a better world. ~ Dr David R Hamilton PhD – Scientist & Hay House Author

For some unknown reason, during the last decade, many people parked their values at the door of the job and gave in to the call of Mammon. This has led directly to the times of high anxiety we live in now. People are, once again, examining their values. Are the principles we espouse carried through in the practice and behaviours? Paul addresses these questions and comes up with interesting conclusions. ~ Tina Roche – CEO, Business in the Community Ireland

Business consultant Paul Davis has produced a useful blueprint for business success with his newly published book, EVOLVE. The book offers practical guidance on steps towards success, along with some good motivational advice and an ethos that is in keeping with the demanding economic climate. The book comes with nods of approval from Senator Feargal Quinn, and from Ian Talbot of Chambers Ireland. Senator Quinn said: The book reminds us that successful businesses are those that make a profit, while at the same time bringing benefits to the wider community. Joe Dermondy –  Irish Examiner

The importance of finding your authentic self and developing your career and life in a positive manner around your key qualities is the central theme of this book from business consultant Paul Davis. The author places emphasis on the need for values and spirituality in the quest for contentment and success. Too much conscious thinking clouds our actions, leading to inaction or despair, he notes. Successful business people, he suggests, follow their intuition and maintain a positive and optimistic attitude. The advice here is to listen to your subconscious mind through the practice of meditating. Written as a very practical self-help guide, EVOLVE  should prove useful to those experiencing self-doubt or difficult challenges in their business or personal lives. ~ Frank Dillon – Irish Times

I couldn’t wait to get this book. The insights in to the mind of Paul Davis! I always knew he was an excellent business mentor and personal associate; having worked with him first hand but now I know the secrets of his successful approach and understand how he works. Its a subtle approach (with just enough force). This book is the same. It’s a keeper book; one to dip into over and over again. I’ve just finished it and need to start all over again. So many people ‘plod’ along in life and business with their own personal A to Z of excuses for not succeeding; for living uninspired lives without purpose. Evolve seems to cut through the excuses with ease and introduces focus and clarity. Read it, and don’t look back. Look forward – to a purposeful and fulfilled life. ~ Eibhlin Johnston, Amazon

As a business owner, who has worked with the author of this book, reading the book is the next best thing to having Paul step into your business with his own special brand of enquiry and help. This book brought me back again to question why it is I do what I do, and to rediscover again my passion for my work, and to develop again the clarity of vision for where I want to be with myself and my business in the future. It helped me to reassess and firm up my core personal and business values, and reminded me of the contribution that we as business owners make to the community and society as a whole, and in some ways the responsibility that brings with it. Its a fabulous read for anyone who wishes to rediscover their passion and belief in their work, while making a profit and making a contribution to the wider community in the process. The book is a guide for your journey. Deirdre, Amazon

I just read your wonderful book. I am a struggling business owner and yours is the first book I have read in ages that hits the nail on the head for me. I found it revived my flagging spirit. Food for the brain and soul. Many thanks for this book. Majella

I have been lucky to have had Paul guiding me in developing my business over the last few years. Reading this book has refreshed for me the valuable insights that I have received from him. He is very passionate about helping people and this comes across in the book. The important lesson to be learned is “the more you give the more you will receive”. Enjoy it! JPC, Amazon

Great to see an Irish man (even better that he is an accountant by trade!) write a book like this that is so greatly needed in our business community now. People are realising that with all the changes being forced on them that they need to look within themselves for answers on a personal and professional level. Well done Paul, an easy read written with honesty. Good to see this material written and produced in our country. ~ Paula Reddy

I have read many management books but I am not an expert in such matters. What I can say is I wish I was given this book 30 years ago. It is a brilliant book, fantastically written, superb English and complete mastery of his subject area, and he is so well read. The absolute best business book I have ever read and a great life book. DC

Paul Davis’s “EVOLVE” is one of the most inspiring and emotionally overwhelming books I have read. It made me take a deep look at myself and what I want from life. The realisation was profound…I am the only person that is holding me back, no one else is responsible. The book is very well written and the message flowed eloquently from beginning to end. It was so personal, it felt like Paul was in the room reading to me. Once you read the book, you realise that we are not alone in this world. We need to make the most of what talents we have and embrace them, not run away from them. “EVOLVE” has certainly changed my outlook on life both personally and, in business. Thanks Paul. Katherine, Amazon

My initial reaction to the book was Michael Gerber meets Napoleon Hill. The key message for me is that if you can align your personal goals and your business goals you have a much better chance of success in business and life. This book guides you through this process of alignment but also deals with a lot of the issues that are blocking people from succeeding. The new economic environment means new opportunities and new challenges. This book will help you uncover the opportunities that are right in front of you and assist you overcoming the challenges and obstacles put in your way. “EVOLVE” could be a game changer! ~ KG, Amazon

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Probably the most important exercise you can do in your life!