Testimonials from executives on Paul’s Leadership Development Program:

“Contains life-long skills that can be easily incorporated into your day-to-day work”

“The time management training frees up so much, allows focus and the ability to work on greater things”

“An amazing increase in work efficiency”

“Amazing for people responsible for winning new business and developing client relationships”

“This programme excels with regard to Personal Development”

“Paul was able to adapt to individual requirements and therefore the benefits are very individualised”

“A unique and considered approach to growing a network that leads to greater revenue”

“Every company would benefit from this programme”

“The business development skills learned generate amazing results”

“Paul is very approachable and willing to answer any questions even if they do not relate to the topic of that session”

“Found Paul really engaging and willing to discuss all topics which I raised”

“The material and resources on the website are very useful”

“Would have preferred the benefit of Paul’s coaching and mentoring earlier in my career!”

“Paul is a pleasure to work with”

“High confidence building and higher job performance”

“Sound, structured advice”

“Paul has a unique disposition for carrying out this role. His ability is beyond mere text books and could get to the heart of the matter very expeditiously and effectively”

A testimonial from Stephanie Woollard
– founder and CEO of SevenWomen.org

A testimonial from serial-entrepreneur Colin O’Brien

Testimonials from clients:

Doug Gordon“Paul did a fantastic interview on my radio show the other week. We then went and masterminded together over coffee. Paul gave me some amazing tips and in fact one tip which I implemented immediately won me a client straight away. It also added value for both my new client and added massive value for me as well. I have masterminded with many amazing people such as Dr John Demartini, Lisa Nichols, Jack Daly, Keith Barry, Ramona Nicholas and Eamonn Quinn just to name a few; and Paul is as wise and a valuable asset to anyone’s business.”

Doug Gordon – Radio Presenter & Corporate Trainer


Jamie O'Hanlon testimonial“The team and I at Avid Partners Accountants & Business Advisers, engaged Paul over a period of 12 months to assist us with business development and in particular, ways in which to grow the business. This engagement was in 2012 which was a difficult time for any business to grow. Despite this, with Pauls’ supervision and insightful guidance we actually grew the practie sales in that period by €12,000 on average each month. Do I need to say more – the results speak volumes about Pauls’ ability and dedication. I am also aware that Paul has invested heavily, both time and money, in developing his skills and acumen and from my experience he would be a welcome addition to any business wanting to grow and prosper.”

Jamie O’Hanlon – Managing Partner, Avid Partners Accountants & Business Advisers


Leo Maher“Working with Paul is an experience that I will always look upon as being a game changer. He listened foremost and helped me identify the challenges I was having with my business and business style. Paul’s style of mentoring isn’t the usual methodical procedure driven straight from the textbook approach. He helped me discover my own style and strengths and built on those. Paul is engaged with my business 110% and is always available to advise no matter how big or small the issue. Paul was recommended to me at a time when I had to make some tough business decisions about how to move my business forward. It was 2009 and we were feeling the full force of the recession. I have continued to work with Paul since that date and in that period my business has grown 85%. And with Paul’s help we are more focused and have a strong strategy for future growth. As a business owner I believe every business owner should have an advisor, mentor, coach, call them what you want, but if you want somebody who really understands business growth and personal development don’t go past Paul Davis.”

Leo Maher – Chief Executive, Sign + Digital


k_garvey“We’ve worked with Paul for a long time now and he has made a significant difference to our Practice. He got us to focus on the things we are good at, on the things we, as partners, should be doing. He helped us to implement changes that made our practice much more efficient. Since we started working with Paul our turnover has increased every year, even in the midst of the worst depression in a generation. In our first year alone we got a seven fold return on our investment with Paul. I don’t think I need to say any more than that.”

Kenneth Garvey – Partner, Cusack Garvey, Chartered Certified Accountants & Registered Tax Consultants


“With the simple solutions Paul gave me for my business, within ten months I tripled my turnover.”

Heidi Sawyer – Managing Director, IPD


“I now have two companies, my sales figures are up 50%, I don’t work weekends anymore, and have obtained a ten-fold return on investment easily.”

Damien McKay – Consulting Engineer, DMK Architects & Engineers


test_deirdre“Since working with Paul I have achieved clarity in my business direction and am drawing the type of clients I want to my practice. Business has increased such that I now employ an additional solicitor, and I expect in the very near future to increase staffing again. I have rekindled my passion and love of my job, and remember again why it is “I do what I do”. This has filtered to all staff, who are now more productive, more involved, and more secure in their roles. Paul is an invaluable asset of by business.”

Deirdre Burke, D M Burke & Co., Solicitors


test_coffey“With working with Paul we have increased our customer base by 25% and have hired two experienced Support Engineers. We have also been awarded Microsoft Gold Partner status. Paul has been inspirational in providing us with a wealth of knowledge to enable us move our business to a higher level, and has given us the confidence and ability to grow our business in a tougher market.”


John Coffey, Managing Director, GC Technology

“For a long time now, even though I have enjoyed the work I do, I’ve felt utterly overwhelmed by the volume of work and office administration I needed to get through. There was an element of ‘walking through treacle’ about it – a lot of effort for not a lot of progress. After two sessions with Paul, my whole way of looking at myself, my work and how I organise my business is being turned on its head – in an extremely positive way. With Paul’s support and mentoring, I’m looking forward to further exciting developments – to improved cash-flow, to increased fee income and to a better sense of the value of the unique service I offer. I am also moving towards a much more satisfying balance between running my business and the other areas of my life.”

Andrea Martin, Media lawyer


test_paulboylan“In the few months I have been working with Paul and as a direct result; I now have two businesses; I have doubled my hourly rate, and have already received six times the total investment I made with Paul. I have gained so much confidence in myself and my abilities to create the business I want to create. I have discovered an inner strength that I never knew I had, and I am spending less time doing work I don’t like and more time doing the stuff I love!”


Paul Boylan, Owner, Park School of Motoring


test_hugh“I’d like to tell all people considering joining Paul’s programme – with only two hours into our strategy session together, even if I get nothing else from Paul over the next twelve months, I’ve already earned the complete cost of the programme in the last two hours and much more, from the benefit that Paul has given to me and my business so far.” Also… “thanks to the help from Paul, our business has grown substantially, and we currently have a two-month waiting list for our services, and are considering adding to our staff numbers. This is a huge change from our initial predicament at the beginning of the year. We are looking forward to developing and growing this business further and have very definite goals and vision for our future.”

Hugh Feighery – Owner of multiple businesses, including Value Plus Hardware and Activ Web Design


“This programme allows you to think outside the box that could be constraining your vision and limiting you from potential. It allows you to explore your own values, connect with your authentic self, and build a business around that.”

Rody Ryan – Owner, Goldcert Management Systems


“Paul infuses an enthusiasm to business that is not often found. The content provided is an excellent jump start for anyone starting a business or wanting to inject new energy into their current business. I would recommend this course to anyone.”

Tanya Fitzpatrick – Director, Align Somatics Health Care


“Get on to the course as soon as possible. It will give you the right motivation and inspiration to move your plan along.”

Adrian Madden – All Action Training


“The course will fundamentally change how you view your business and how you approach sales and marketing. Apply the ideas and you’ll never look back.”

Leo Duffy – Owner, Yellowstone Communications

p_gillivan“I would recommend this programme to anyone who is serious about developing a stronger business. The course highlights the areas and makes you question the real reasons business maybe not what it should be.”



Philip Gillivan – Owner, Hammurabi


“Highly recommended. A very uplifting experience. A very worthwhile programme, generating wonderful business insights and lots of useful strategies for moving the business forward.”

Derek Phelan – Director, Maltings Training


“Be prepared to learn things about yourself. The programme is fantastic. It makes you question your beliefs, your business and leaves you feeling highly motivated and ready to put all you’ve learned into action.”

Sharon Sheppard – Owner, Out of Hours Admin


“A very good programme for professionals who are serious about marketing their practice.”

David Madden – Owner, Madden Consulting

b_parte“Expect to be inspired and even consumed with a desire to act immediately on the invaluable tips you will receive to move your business forward.”



Bernadette Parte – Owner, Parte & Associates Solicitors


“I just signed up a new client for a contract worth in excess of €600,000… this stuff really works and it’s so easy. I now want you to teach it to the rest of my sales team.”

Ken Murray – Managing Director, Castle Mechanical Handling


“This is the very best Business Programme I have come across in the 18 years I have been in the training business. I can endorse this programme 100%. Where would you get an opportunity such as this one, so don’t let this gift opportunity pass you by. Paul Davis is one of the top consultants Ireland has ever seen.”

Mary Eastwood – Managing Director, Albrite Training


“I found the programme very very beneficial. Paul was extremely knowledgeable and helpful with all challenges I presented him with”

Emer Jameson – Managing Director, Independent Directory


“This was a fantastic programme. I’ve never experienced such an amazing energy and positive feeling from the others on the programme in response to Paul, his delivery, empathy and course content.”

Sadhbh Fitzgibbon – Owner, Sky Interiors


“This programme was fantastic. Extremely thought provoking, very interactive and hugely beneficial. Paul is an amazing presenter with the ability to relax the group, bring them on a journey with achievable goals being the outcome. I would most definitely recommend this programme to others.”

Susan Kelly – Owner, Smart Office Services


“Paul created a relaxed yet focused environment for learning. He covered all aspects of creating more clients, more fees and more time. I feel like I can now focus on implementing what I have learnt. My confidence has soared and my ‘can do’ attitude has been activated. Thank you Paul”

Rita Hurson – Owner, Divorce Mentors Ireland


“The inspiration, focus and re-education I have received from Paul and his team has I strongly believe already paid huge dividends. This is a programme for professionals, senior managers and the self employed. Highly relevant and practical, particularly in these tough times. I would consider it to be of the most worthwhile investment of my time and energy. I would like to let other business owners know that the returns will be almost immediate and I’m sure long lasting. I found this programme to be thoroughly helpful and worthwhile experience delivered by the professionals who know how to help, evaluate and re-invigorate senior managers in today’s business climate.”

Alan McGuirk – General Manager, Time: Bar + Venue Night Club


“Helped me as a techie become a better manager. Great programme and would recommend it to any small business owner. It’s a mini MBA, but practical.”

Peter O’Neill – Managing Director, Invotech


“Paul has been instrumental in helping me to develop my business at a time when I could not see how to grow it further. Paul is a classic lateral thinker, providing stimulating idea’s to help to look at obstacles from a different perspective and is thoroughly engaging & personable.”

Michelle Byrne – Managing Director, Axiom Design


“Brilliant programme, informative, with excellent interaction. Met all my expectations and thoroughly enjoyed the experience”

Eleanor Murphy – Managing Director, Master Management Ireland


“This has been a positive life changing experience in both a business and a personal sense”

Eddie Grace – Managing Director, IBC Limited


“I lacked confidence in myself and my understanding of business, and from day one they made me feel comfortable. This programme covered everything and more than I had hoped.”

Denise O’Connor – Director, Cubby O’Connor Jewellery


“The immediate implementation of knowledge gained from this programme is astonishing. My expectations were far exceeded, in both details and relevance – this is not just a discussion on business theory but a clear and practical guide on how run a better business.”

Tom Taylor – Director, Minerex Environmental


“This programme allowed and facilitated the time to stand back, analyse the business and work on it.”

Cathy McGennis – Owner, SPSS Ireland


“The presenters were excellent in covering a huge amount of topics and the structure was great. I highly recommend this to anyone in business.”

Sharon Tinkler – Owner, Stepping Out


“This programme has had a great influence in the success of my business.”

Sean Flannery – Owner, Flannery Nurseries


“An excellent training for owner managers. Do it and get focused.”

Steve Perry – Owner, The Shower Doctors


“Just do it! It is well worthwhile taking the time out of your business to give you the tools to work on your business given by people with passion and experience.”

Cecil Shine – Owner, Minerex Environmental


“This programme is a valuable exercise for business owners trying to establish where their business is, how to develop key staff and plan for a structured and timely exit from the business.”

Ian Jackson – Director, Go2Web


“This programme has made it simple for me to best move forward with my business.”

Phelim Pekaar – Managing Director, P3


“This programme really helped increase my confidence in business and the support of the course providers was fantastic.”

Jenny Rush – Director, Minerex Environmental


“I really enjoyed the programme and I would recommend it to anyone in business.”

Shane O’Reilly – Director, SOS Property Services


“This programme has given me the direction, vision and tools to lead the business towards a solid future even in a difficult climate.”

Martina Wyse – General Manager, Flannery Nurseries


“It has definitely been useful for us to actually get our business to run properly and we continue to use the tools”

Cora Sherwood – Director, Irish Towing Services


“I was struggling to grow and maintain the business in the current climate and I was concerned about the lack of time to plan and develop a strategy for my business. During this programme I covered all the aspects in growing my business, motivating staff and getting team involvement in growing the business. As a result I now have a plan and the business tools to grow and develop the company going forward”

Jimmy Walsh – Managing Director, Dara Creative


“I really enjoyed this programme and learned loads…”

Angela Clarke – Tax Manager, Sean McEvoy & Co


“Very interactive which was great, insightful and thought provoking. Empowering in a sense that one finds the confidence after the programme to strive higher and grow larger and be better.”

Colette Van Jaarsveld – Director, Arcology Design Limited


“Paul’s business development knowledge and generous advice on professional services marketing is second to none”

Lynda McCracken – Director, Innovation Employment


“Paul has a calming presence, along with a wonderful ability to be able to help people ‘see the wood for the trees’. He works from a place of integrity and authenticity. If you want to take your business to a whole new level he is someone I would highly recommend and trust.”

Grattan Donnelly – Grattan Donnelly & Associates


“I found Paul was able to see an avenue in my business to increase income that I had not considered. I achieved a clear understanding of where my business was and where it should be heading. I have no hesitation in recommending Paul Davis to anyone who wants to grow both within themselves and their business.”

Philip Gillivan – Owner, Hammurabi


“Paul’s guidance for our online development has proved to be a huge advantage to my business going forward. I can honestly say that we would probably not have a business today if not for the investment we made with Paul Davis.”

Hugh Feighery – Managing Director, Hardware Ireland


“Paul is an innovative and practical business coach, who has a genuine desire to develop people’s ideas into successful businesses. He is insightful and encouraging and I would recommend him as a great support in developing a growing business.”

MK – Managing Director, Tax Talk


“Working with Paul was one of the best business decisions I could have made. He helped me to see the huge potential in my business and gave me the confidence to bring it to the next level. As a result I have many more clients and am able to manage my work/life balance better. Life is good!”

Susan Kelly – Owner, Smart Office Services


“Paul is a very professional business coach. He has that rare quality of been able to inspire his clients, and coach them to motivate themselves. I doubt if there is a better business coach in Ireland at present. Paul treats your business as he treats his own….with the up-most professionalism, enthusiasm and diligence. I would highly recommend Paul’s services.”

Eddie O’Neill – Owner, Rhythm Retreats


“If you attend the course, you will receive great insight into how best to propel your business forward and win new clients. It will also provide you with a greater understanding of what your client requirements are from you as a service provider, giving you an edge on your competitors. Since attending the course I have actually put many of Paul’s suggestions into practice which were extremely successful”

Liam Doyle – Phelan Doyle, Chartered Quantity Surveyors


“Do it and action it. Much less ‘American’ than many other sales / business getting courses, which I liked. Found the information very illuminating and helpful.”

Anna Collins – Anna Collins Nutritional Therapy


“It does what it says on the tin…it will move your business forward. Very easy style. Must attend.”

Avril Tabuns – Casa Home Carers


“A must for anybody in business today. Excellent material, enjoyable and very well delivered.”

Niall Glynn – Niall Glynn & Associates, HR Solutions


“A lot covered in one day. Excellent course which covered all aspects of setting up structures to get more clients, fees and time.”

Paul McCarthy – RGC Technologies, Facilities Management


“If you want to grow your business or fee levels, then do this course.”

Darragh Kilbride – Kilbride Consulting, Tax Advisors


“Take the time to attend this course – you will not regret it.”

Ray Murphy – Strategic Computing Consultancy


“Paul delivers an excellent course in a matter of fact way, ideal for small business owners trying to manage their time and increase their profitability.”

Liam Whelan – Whelan & Co, Chartered Quantity Surveyors


“An incredible amount of content, presented simply but very powerfully – at a pace I truly commend! As a ‘full day’ is daunting to commit to and retain my attention, I found the flow of the whole experience motivating, educational and truly a most enhancing contribution to me and my business.”

Lisa Cunningham – Vogue Business Development


“It’s a super programme with real content and excellent worksheets. The presentation is very clear and Paul Davis is definitely an expert in his field. It’s not a hard sell to generate business, but simply a package based on proved business processes to gain clients and increase fees.”

Peter Nolan – 4ward Coaching


“Fast paced information packed day. Applying just some of the tools we learned will make a massive difference to any business.”

Mary Ryan – Product Innovator


“Excellent skills, techniques and tools given to arm you with confidence to ‘win’ more clients, and to think of your business in a different way.”

Aimée Madden – Tragpi Medical Software


“Paul provides down to earth practical solutions for growing a professional services firm. Would highly recommend for anyone who is seriously interested in increasing their fees.”

Micheal O’Neill – Omnipro Accountants Resource Network


“Excellent content and delivery. Feel very energised to develop my business.”

Colette O’Sullivan – Mediator


“Don’t do any more business until you attend this course, transformational.”

Bill Morrissey – Mediator and ADR Services


“In the short period of working with Paul, I have achieved so much personal and business growth. I have implemented strategies into my business that I never thought I would, and they are starting to pay dividends. I have learnt so many techniques that work, and are congruent with the way I do business. In summary, I really love what I do in business again.”

Sandra Maher – Inspire Financial Services


“Get Paul Davis to look at the way your business is run. Better still, get him to look at the way that you run your business. All I can say is – he will change your business, he might even change you! As a result your profit will grow and your business will flourish.”

Brendan Allen – Allen Morrissey & Co, Accountants and Tax Advisors


“Working with Paul has given me a long-term strategy for my business, enabled me to develop a detailed plan to implement it and provided the mentoring and support necessary to achieve this. He has inspired me to strive for excellence and to believe that I can achieve this. I would highly recommend Paul as a business development consultant”

Mary Rafferty – Consensus Mediation


“Paul’s personalised business service inspires trust and confidence. He has provided me with practical business ‘know-how’ that otherwise would have taken years to acquire through costly mistakes. In particular his insight-fullness has enabled me build strategies, stronger professional relationships and win customers.”

Eleanor Murphy – Career Development Specialists


“Helps refocus the mind and get fresh and new ideas for getting more out of the business and enjoy work more.””

Graham Gill, Byrne & McCall Accountants


“Very useful, practical, step-by-step guide to making positive business change.””

Damian Penco, Bloom Creative Agency


“Go and listen to someone who has done what you want to do successfully. Hear about examples that bring the techniques to life and leave with a clear plan and confidence that it will work.””

Mark Gould, MG Consulting


“This programme broadens your mind on what your clients are looking for from you. Giving you the opportunity to improve client satisfaction and increase fees.””

Nigel Mayberry, Cooney Carey Accountants


“You cannot but gain from the steps, ideas and suggestions from a proven expert – Paul Davis.””

Colm Deignan, Mediator Commercial


“Learn from others, far cheaper than making mistakes yourself. Very well structured, relevant content, and effective.””

Ciaran Moore, Creative Management Solutions


“Very enjoyable programme. Paul is a very knowledgeable person and imparts his knowledge and experience very effectively.””

John Long, Kane Crowe Kavanagh


“Business development is as important to your business as sleep is to your body. Paul’s programme sorts out that issue in one day – excellent value.””

Bill Morrissey, Adjudication Mediation ADR Services


“Very impressive, first class communicator and a real thought leader. Highly recommended.””

Eamonn O’Reilly, Red Tree Recruitment


“Common sense approach to growing your business.””

Joe McCall, Byrne & McCall Accountants


“If you want to grow your business, you have to listen to Paul Davis.””

Claire Connolly, Dundrum Lettings


Attending the Presentation of “Accountant of the Year 2016” Award to one of my clients – Cathal Cusack

Video Testimonials:

Interview with Cathal Cusack

Interview with Damian McKay

Interview with Paul Boylan

8 POINT Business Programme