Accelerate Your Business Growth & Performance Results

Business Development with built-in Personal Development is an intelligent business.

Are you looking to achieve any of these for your business?

  • an increased steady flow of highly profitable clients
  • increased fees or revenue
  • more effective management of your personal time, clients or projects
  • a more purposeful and fulfilling business leading to better results
  • increased resilience, well-being and confidence
  • improved clarity and focus for the direction of yourself and your business
  • an independent sounding-board and confidante with a wealth of knowledge and expertise
  • eliminating limiting beliefs, negative patterns, self-sabotage, fear, shame, and guilt that are holding you back
  • a high level of performance and results

Paul Davis is an acknowledged Business Growth Consultant & Business Mentor who uses a unique and powerful blend of intuitive mentoring, coaching, and consulting, to achieve rapid results in the areas of Business Development & High Performance Results for Business Owners and Executives globally.

Paul’s interpersonal skills and commercially-minded focus have proved to be a fierce and practical combination for the people he has worked with, and has delivered him a reputation as an award-winning business growth consultant, author and speaker.

Clients refer to Paul as a “game-changer” for both their business and their personal life.

When you trained to become a service professional, you were never taught about business development and business growth; how to win clients, market your services or grow your business.

What most people do is follow their peers and do what they’ve done, all the time learning by trial and error!

Whether you want to know how to conduct that initial meeting with a potential client, how to follow up and turn that potential client into an actual client, or how to formulate proposals and charge the appropriate fee, through to managing your time more effectively, to becoming the highly-trusted advisor – that’s where I can help you.

When you consider what the initial value of one client is to you, and then consider the lifetime value of that same client, do you not think it is worth investing to find the best way of developing your business, winning more clients, achieving higher fees, and making the most of your time? – from someone that knows the most direct route.

If you want someone that has a proven track record of delivering rapid results by using a blend of coaching, mentoring and consulting to help you both in your business life and your personal life – then Paul Davis is the mentor for you.

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Paul Davis - The Executive Code 22

My name is Paul Davis and I help business owners get more clients, more fees, more time, and build a successful purpose-driven business. 

I use a blend of coaching, mentoring and consulting, along with a combination of intuition and commercially focused expertise to achieve rapid results for clients. 

The best results are achieved by working on both the business and personal aspects with clients.  

This can be done with individuals or teams, through group workshops, in-house training, online training, 1-2-1 by telephone/zoom, or face-to-face, anywhere in the world, whichever works best for you and your business.

Here are some of my credentials…

  • I’m a Fellow Member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, and the Chartered Global Management Accountants
  • A Fellow Member of the Institute of Management Consultants and Advisors
  • An award-winning business growth consultant
  • An award-winning professional speaker, and Regional President for the Professional Speaking Association Ireland & UK
  • Author of several international best-selling books
  • An Executive Coach for the Irish Stock Exchange for companies wanting to go for IPO
  • Very commercially-minded, gifted-intuitive, results-driven and action-oriented with a passion for delivering rapid results

My philosophy is simple – to deliver real value to my clients. To provide a planned approach to all projects and keep the client informed at all stages ensuring they are fully briefed and in agreement with next planned steps, making sure there are no surprises or hidden costs. I don’t sell time, therefore we always agree a fixed fee upfront, which allows for our focus to be on the results instead of the time charged.

I approach all projects as a partnership and endeavour to treat my clients as I myself would like to be treated by being open, honest and dealing with all matters fairly.

Some of the recent projects I’ve been involved with…

Accountants, Solicitors and Consultants
274% Increase in fees……  more info
Manufacturing & Construction Industry
Losses of €450,000 turned around to profits of €750,000…   more info
Retail Chain of 60 stores nationwide
Losses of €500,000 turned around to profits of €2m…   more info
Small Manufacturing company
Losses of €60,000 turned around to profits of €160,000…   more info
Warehousing and distribution company
Cashflow improved by €350,000 and profits increased by 27%…   more info
Irish based manufacturer finding it difficult to grow
New products and markets developed…   more info
Owner wanting to expand existing business, and develop new business
Company had its best year ever…   more info
Owner wanting to bring business to the next level
Net profits increased by 143%…   more info

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Here is what some of my clients say

“The team and I at Avid Partners Accountants & Business Advisers, engaged Paul over a period of 12 months to assist us with business development and in particular, ways in which to grow the business. This engagement was in 2012 which was a difficult time for any business to grow. Despite this, with Pauls’ supervision and insightful guidance we actually grew the practie sales in that period by €12,000 on average each month. Do I need to say more – the results speak volumes about Pauls’ ability and dedication. I am also aware that Paul has invested heavily, both time and money, in developing his skills and acumen and from my experience he would be a welcome addition to any business wanting to grow and prosper.”

Jamie O’Hanlon – Managing Partner, Avid Partners Accountants & Business Advisers

Leo Maher“Working with Paul is an experience that I will always look upon as being a game-changer. He listened foremost and helped me identify the challenges I was having with my business and business style. Paul’s style of mentoring isn’t the usual methodical procedure driven straight from the textbook approach. He helped me discover my own style and strengths and built on those. Paul is engaged with my business 110% and is always available to advise no matter how big or small the issue. Paul was recommended to me at a time when I had to make some tough business decisions about how to move my business forward. It was 2009 and we were feeling the full force of the recession. I have continued to work with Paul since that date and in that period my business has grown 85%. And with Paul’s help we are more focused and have a strong strategy for future growth. As a business owner I believe every business owner should have an advisor, mentor, coach, call them what you want, but if you want somebody who really understands business growth and personal development don’t go past Paul Davis.”

Leo Maher – Chief Executive, Sign + Digital

k_garvey“We’ve worked with Paul for a long time now and he has made a significant difference to our Practice. He got us to focus on the things we are good at, on the things we, as partners, should be doing. He helped us to implement changes that made our practice much more efficient. Since we started working with Paul our turnover has increased every year, even in the midst of the worst depression in a generation. In our first year alone we got a seven-fold return on our investment with Paul. I don’t think I need to say any more than that.”

Ken Garvey – Partner, Cusack Garvey Chartered Accountants

test_deirdre“Since working with Paul I have achieved clarity in my business direction and am drawing the type of clients I want to my practice. Business has increased such that I now employ an additional solicitor, and I expect in the very near future to increase staffing again. I have rekindled my passion and love of my job, and remember again why it is “I do what I do”. This has filtered to all staff, who are now more productive, more involved, and more secure in their roles. Paul is an invaluable asset to my business.”

Deirdre Burke, D M Burke & Co., Solicitors

test_coffey“With working with Paul we have increased our customer base by 25% and have hired two experienced Support Engineers. We have also been awarded Microsoft Gold Partner status. Paul has been inspirational in providing us with a wealth of knowledge to enable us move our business to a higher level, and has given us the confidence and ability to grow our business in a tougher market.”

John Coffey, Managing Director, GC Technology

And there are many more clients that have kindly given written and video testimonials. You can view more here.


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So if you would like to come on a journey with me, here are just some of the elements we can cover during our time together


TIME MANAGEMENT – simple and proven techniques which will help you manage your time effectively and prevent you from going into overwhelm. By tackling this element first, we can free up the time to allow for business development.
MAXIMISING CLIENT VALUE & NEGOTIATING – the five questions that you need to ask when engaging with a potential, new or existing client so as to derive the maximum value in the eyes of the client.
BUILDING RAPPORT – we know that business is generally done with people we like and trust. Here you will learn simple techniques you can implement immediately so as to quickly build a strong rapport with people that you meet.
PRESENTATIONS, PITCHING, PRESENTING & PUBLIC SPEAKING – what you need to know when making a presentation, and how to present successfully and own the stage.
WINNING PROPOSALS & CONVERTING PROSPECTS – how to close the sale, get a decision from the client and structure your proposals in such a way as to win the business.
MANAGING THE SALES PROCESS – how to follow up with potential clients in a business-like manner while understanding the sales process that each client goes through.
IMPLEMENTING A CLIENT ATTRACTION SYSTEM – developing what Paul calls “Birdseed” – when clients come to you instead of you having to chase them.
EFFECTIVE NETWORKING – how to network effectively; build long-lasting relationships and techniques for “working the room”.
BUILDING A SYSTEM OF STAYING IN TOUCH – how to deliver value to your potential clients on a regular basis so that you are at the front of their mind when they are ready to buy.
BEING THE “GO TO” PERSON IN YOUR CLIENT WORLD – how you can stand out from the crowd and your competition.
NURTURING THE POWER OF TRUST – by being aware of the three elements that build trust, you can make sure you get to that high-trust partner relationship that all your clients want.
PERFECTING THE CLIENT JOURNEY – mapping out the journey your potential clients take from the point of awareness through to becoming a client, and how you can improve each touchpoint on that journey to make their experience memorable.
EVOLVING FROM “EXPERT FOR HIRE” TO “HIGH-TRUST ADVISER” – know how to make the transition from simply being a professional providing a service to becoming a valued coveted highly trusted adviser and influencer to your clients, enabling you to earn higher fees and win more profitable clients.
YOUR INDIVIDUAL CORE VALUES – using a unique way which Paul uses to identify your core values enabling you to perform at your best, avoiding conflict, and building self-esteem.
TEAM MANAGEMENT & STAFF ENGAGEMENT – your company is made up of humans. If they’re not fully engaged with your business and your goals then productivity, motivation, passion, loyalty, and retention will not be achieved. Aligning what is important for your staff to your business, is the key.
DEVELOPING A POWERFUL MINDSET, FOCUS, MOTIVATION & RESILIENCE – knowing the elements that will help you bounce back quickly from adversity and being able to stay focused on your goals.
BUILDING SELF-CONFIDENCE – confidence is one of the bedrocks of performance and success. Without it, you fail. Know how you can build your self-confidence and achieve new heights of success.
LIVING YOUR LIFE PURPOSE – for many the questions “who am I”, “what am I here for”, “what am I to do with my life”, “what is my why”, come up on a regular basis. Paul has developed a unique way to enable his clients to discover what their true life purpose is. By knowing this, you will have more clarity, meaning and fulfilment.
BUILD RESILIENCE & MENTAL FITNESS – for some dealing with challenges and having the ability to bounce back from adversity is a struggle. Based on personal experiences and by working with the best human behaviour specialists in the world, Paul has developed an all-encompassing proven methodology which he calls THRIVE, which he uses with personal clients to eliminate depression and thoughts of suicide for high-performing individuals.
DEVELOPING YOUR LEADERSHIP SKILLS & GAINING RECOGNITION – whether it’s to develop your leadership skills within your organisation, amongst your peers or within your professional network; communicating and gaining recognition for your achievements is paramount for your career progression.


Here’s the thing

You can keep doing what you’ve always done, and keep getting the same results you’ve always got. Or you can learn from someone who has already mastered people achieving their goals, and has the proven methodologies to fast-track you to the levels of success you desire, without you having to learn by trial and error all by yourself.


So what do you need to do now?

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Our time is very precious, so I’m not going to waste yours. Only if you’re really serious about making an investment in your business and your life and want to achieve results, should we discuss further.

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