How do I make this a success?

This is one of several questions I get from people.

They expect to hear things like:

  • Identify the value you bring
  • Invest in an ongoing marketing effort
  • Work on your sales pitch
  • Etc.

They’re quite surprised to hear nothing like that. You see, these are all important but they’re just the “technicalities” of running a successful business.

There is something more fundamental that comes first – energy.

We tend to keep busy, measuring how well we do by how productive we are. Consequently, we stretch ourselves non-stop and feel drained both physically and emotionally.

Problem is, when you are drained, things don’t work.

Success comes when you are balanced. What does that mean?

It means you need to make MORE time for those things that charge you emotionally – which in fact create space for creativity and make you MORE productive.


  • Friends & family – having fun times together
  • Hobbies – help you relax & sometimes gives you meaning
  • Mentor – I’ve had one since I started my own business. It helps keep your intentions & big picture in mind
  • Mastermind groups – the energy you get from being around people who “get you” is amazing If you don’t have the emotional energy to do what you’re doing, you won’t get the results you desire.


How do you get energised?