The Boat And The Pontoon

In the last blog I talked about some of the symptoms that show up in our lives when our unconscious mind is trying to get us to correct our course, or to get us on the right track for us to be in equilibrium, for us to be on our purpose. And I spoke about a sense of what the space of moving from a state of Belief to a state of Knowing is like, that we’re being drawn to something new, to something new in our life, to a new way or new direction for our business, our life or our career.

It’s this sense that as we move from the state of Belief to a state of Knowing, that a lot of different symptoms start to show up in our lives. I discussed this in the previous blog.

But I want to drill down a little more again further between these two states – the state of Belief and the state of Knowing. Now, what shows up in people’s lives as we’re moving between these two states is what I refer to as Choice Points. It’s these choice points that the feathers, the bricks, and the trucks show up in our life. And as I said on the previous blog, if we listen to the feathers, well, then life becomes a lot easier. However, if we don’t listen to the feathers, the bricks come along, and the bricks are a little bit more subtle than the feathers. We would prefer if the bricks didn’t show up. And again, if we don’t listen to the bricks, well then unfortunately the truck does come along the way and believe me, we don’t want the truck along our way.

I use that as an analogy to explain the different nudges or the different ways of how our unconscious mind is trying to show up in our life for us to make a decision. And ultimately it’s a Choice Point. The terminology that I use is it’s a choice point in our life. Now, we can have many choice points throughout our whole life, but some choices are an lot easier to make versus others.

And in the last blog I also spoke about the sense and feelings when you’re moving from a state of Belief to a state of Knowing, is this sense that you’re at a crossroads. That could be a four-way route or it could be a two-way route or a three-way route. It’s literally those crossroads that show up in people’s lives. So it can be quite confusing for a lot of people. Now, you would have gone through a multitude of choice points throughout your life right up to this point, but they may have been easy choice points to make. You just saw it at that time as being just a choice. You got to make it, and you just take the choice and you move forward.

However, for a lot of people, what happens in a particular time as we move throughout our life and the challenges become a lot more difficult, on top of that the choices become harder to make. That’s when it becomes, “How do we actually make this choice? Am I going in the right direction? And if I make this decision, is it the right decision to make?” So let me explain some of the elements that show up in people’s lives and for you to consider, if you are at a particular choice point or you may be able to recognize previous choice points.

What happens is, as I said, that the feathers, the bricks and the trucks show up in our life. If we still don’t listen to the feathers, the bricks and the trucks show up, and if we still don’t listen to the trucks, then everything is stripped away. Now, what I mean by everything, it means that anything that is most important to us and most important in particular to our ego, because our ego is at its maximum or at its highest, when we’re in a state of Belief. Whatever has the biggest impact on our ego will be stripped away. How that shows up is meaning that relationships will literally fall apart, our business will completely decimate. Not just have a major impact, it will be completely decimated. Our health will have a significant impact that we may not even overcome, that we will have to live with that health issue for the rest of our life. Our major finances will be completely stripped away.

These are…a higher level of truck, if you want to call it from that perspective, if we’re still not listening to what we’re being guided to. Now, all of these, whatever the trigger is the most that’s impacting on the ego, is the one that will be stripped away. If that’s not listened to, it will continue to ripple out to the rest of the elements, and if you can imagine multiple triggers happening. So ultimately what’s actually happening is the unconscious mind is trying to strip away or to move you away from your conscious thinking. To move you away from your ego and for you to trust and to believe and have faith in your unconscious and what your unconscious mind is trying to guide you towards. It’s this inner knowing or this inner desire for you to move towards a much, much altered or different direction.

And the only way the unconscious mind can do that, if we haven’t listened to the feathers, the bricks and the trucks, the only way it can do that is make life so difficult that you have to make a choice. That you now have to make a decision. Because ultimately we can go through our life and we can have the sense that we’ve got to be doing something different. We’ve got to be doing something different, we’ve got to change our business and go in a different direction, or you’ve got to change your career or go in a different direction. But we just don’t make the decision, we don’t change anything. We have this inner sense that we should do, and we want to, and we have desire to, but we don’t change anything. And we again, we just continue going from year to year to year on that treadmill, on that hamster wheel, continuing doing exactly the same thing as what we’ve always done.

So the only way if the unconscious mind is not getting your attention to make a decision, literally is to strip every single thing away from your life. But what it does is it starts at the highest trigger of what that is for you. For example, if finances are the highest trigger for you, meaning that as soon as your finances start to deplete in your business or your bank account, and you start to worry and have fear and anxiety around your finances depleting, ultimately what’s happening is that your unconscious mind is trying to get you to make a decision or to make a choice of what it is that it’s getting to.

Now, how you’ll identify this even further, because I see this happening in businesses more particularly because obviously I work with a lot of business owners, but I see it happening in business. But what happens is they continue doing exactly the same activities, but still the financial health of their business does not improve, because they’re still doing what they’ve always done.

Now, if that happens and you’re doing all the different things that you’ve done in the past by way of all the things that worked, whereby what you’ve done in terms of marketing or advertising, or gotten out there to try and bring in more business into your business to increase your turnover, and it’s still not having an impact on your finances because whatever shows up, unusual expenditure starts to happen, or other costs start to come into the business by way of the business being sued or other clients disappearing or other customers or things happening within the business in order to suck those finances out of the business. Even though you’re doing a huge amount of activity by way sales and marketing in order to actually bring that business back in, if that’s the case, ultimately, it’s your identification to say, “I need to do something completely different.”

And the thing that you need to do differently is to listen to what it is that you’re being guided towards. Because I see this so many different times whereby they still continue doing exactly what they’ve always done, even though I’ve told them many, many times this is the path you need to go on and there’s a track you should be heading towards in order for you to reach your purpose. When they don’t do it or they take a long period of time in order to do it, literally their business will start to dismantle. They lose staff, they lose their turnover, they lose customers. You name it, all of that shows up because one of their highest triggers is finances. It’s only then when it’s all been stripped away or very nearly all been stripped away, that they then make the decision, “I need to do something different.”

And therefore they start to do things differently, of being on the right track, being on the right purpose and then lo and behold, the money starts to come into the business. Things have started to change because literally they’ve altered their course.

So, when that happens or how you recognize it, is those elements showing up in your life of what it’s impacting on your highest levels or what is the highest triggers that’s impacting on your ego side of things, because ultimately your unconscious mind is trying to get you to move from a state of Belief, into a state of Knowing. In a state of Knowing it’s moving more closer to a state whereby you’re allowing your unconscious mind to direct you more in your life. Ultimately in that shift, it’s your unconscious mind wanting to be expressed. It wants full expression in a shift between those two states.

So ultimately it’s going to get rid of everything that it needs to do in order for you to make that shift into operating more so from your unconscious mind, than your conscious mind. Now, ultimately what happens is, as I said at the very beginning, is a choice point. We’ve got a choice as regards, whether we go one way, or we go another way. We can continue doing whatever we’ve always done. And you know, the definition of madness, you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’re always going to get the exact same results. But in this case, unfortunately, you’re not going to get the exact same results, you’re actually going to get worse results if you keep doing what you’ve always done. The whole point is that you have to do something slightly different. And it ultimately is what your unconscious mind is trying to guide you towards. What is that slightly different that you should be doing?

Well I use the analogy of when you’re at this choice point of the boat and the pontoon. So if you can imagine a rowing boat and it’s moored up against the pontoon. So it’s this analogy that I get people to understand what’s actually happening in their life. So if you can picture in your mind’s eye, you got one foot in the boat and one foot on the pontoon. The pontoon represents safe ground, the pontoon represents your comfort zone. It represents what you’ve always been doing. It represents your career, your business, your life, how you’ve lived your life up until now. That’s what you know, you know it inside out. You’re absolutely safe on the pontoon. Whereas the boat, it’s a little bit unsteady. You have a sense perhaps of where the boat wants to bring you towards, but you don’t have an image or a direction or a satnav GPS of where that’s actually going to go. But you have a sense that it really does want you to step into the boat and guide you towards moving towards that new direction.

What happens while you’re at a choice point, for many, many people, is they have that one foot in the boat and one foot on the pontoon. And if you can imagine for yourself in the physical world, if you had one foot in the boat and one foot on the pontoon and the boat starts to move away, it would get very unsettling. So all the symptoms that I explained in the previous blog will start to show up in that unnerving-ness or that unsettling in your life of where should I be going? What should I be doing? Then all of a sudden, the pontoon’s not as safe as what it used to be versus I need to step into the boat. But for a lot of people it’s very difficult to step into the boat.

And how do I make that choice? How do I literally put my both feet into the boat and go in this new direction? So understand that that’s what it feels like. That’s what it looks like. That’s what a choice point is in trying to move from the pontoon into the boat. Now ultimately, what it’s trying to get you to do is to make a decision. It’s asking you, your unconscious mind is trying to ask you to trust it and to put both feet in the boat. Once you get in that boat and you now move towards your new direction of what it is been guiding you all along to do, of what you absolutely totally and utterly enjoy doing, have the biggest impact in doing, reach your fullest potential in doing, be living on your purpose and get the maximum fulfillment from, it knows all of this. It’s just asking you to trust it and get in the boat and head towards that new direction.

And it only happens when you make a decision. Now, by making a decision, it’s you literally, as if you were physically moving from the pontoon into the boat. A decision looks like you’re making a firm resolve to yourself as, “Yes, this is what I’m going after. This is what I’m going to do. I’m going to get in the boat. And that’s exactly the direction that I’m going to go.” Now, what happens as soon as you make that decision in your own mind, other things start to show up to check have you made that decision? Have you made that firm resolve because it wants to try and tempt you back onto the pontoon because that’s the conscious part, it’s trying to get you back to the comfort zone. That’s your ego wanting to play with you to get you back to what you’ve always known.

So other things start to show up in order to tempt you back out of the boat onto the pontoon. So the question for yourself is a firm resolve is actually no, stepping in the boat and heading in your direction and saying, “Oh shoot, do you know what, he world that you knew before is now left on the pontoon”. Other ways of looking at this, do you really want to… for you to make a really firm resolve for yourself is to burn the pontoon, like in your mind’s eye is literally burning that pontoon so therefore you’ve set it alight and therefore now the pontoon no longer exists. It’s gone.

Now, you’re now firmly in the boat itself. How you communicate that to the unconscious that you’ve actually made that decision is a firm resolve that says, yes, you’re committing to staying in the boat and going in the direction of where you’re being guided to. How you continue to communicate that message is you start to take action towards where you’re being guided towards. For many people, it is a leap of faith because that choice point can be such a choice point for them that it demands a leap of faith. Now I’ve heard this analogy before from a very successful business person, and what he said was, “As soon as you take the leap of faith, the parachute shows up” because you’ve always had the parachute, it’s been always there, you just don’t realize that the parachute is there. And once you take the leap of faith, that’s when the parachute starts to show up.

So when you step into the boat, you’re taking action and you’re moving towards that new direction for yourself. That’s making a firm decision. That’s making a decision at that particular choice point. How it’s a leap of faith is because fear starts to show up. Fear and anxiety because it can be around well, what about financial? Where am I going to get the money from? Or is this new direction going to give me the income that I need that I’ve always been used to? Or it could be an impact from a reputational perspective. Am I going to lose part of my reputation, what I’ve been known for? This is, up until now, this is what I’ve been known for. This is how I identify myself in the world. And therefore, am I going to impact the reputation that I have in the world? Or it’s a fear that we’re going to lose something, whether it be losing more finances or losing our business or losing our career or losing something in our life.

It’s that fear that actually shows up. But if you really think about it, each one of those fears is tapped into our ego. As I said earlier on, ultimately, what it’s trying to do is try to trigger your ego and your ego is trying to hold you back in that state of Belief and not wanting you to move into a state of Knowing. So that’s where that fear will actually start to show up. Now, on one of these blogs I’ll go through about dissolving fear, but I just want you to understand, first of all, this is what happens when we’re at a choice point and when we’re being asked to take that leap of faith and get into the boat and move towards where we’re meant to be, where we’re supposed to be.

What actually shows up then as well for other people is a question or a statement that comes open up when I have these conversations with my clients is, I don’t have the courage. I don’t have the strength or I don’t have… How am I ever going to achieve that? Or how am I ever going to go there? But ultimately what inwardly you’re saying is that you’re not good enough. You’re not intelligent enough, which again is another fear. So when you realize actually, do you know what, all you need to do is be more competent in what it is that you need to do in order to actually take the action, what it is that you need to do or the direction you need to go on, then that can be overcome. So courage can be built once we understand the underlying essence of where the question is coming from or where that fear is coming from.

If we still don’t take that leap that we’re being guided towards, and we’re still kind of between one foot in the boat and one foot on the pontoon, those symptoms will still continue to show up until such times as we’ve made a decision. So those symptoms by way of, as I spoke about in the previous blog, those symptoms of the restlessness, being defeating, being unfulfilled, the lack of meaning in our lives, the lack of motivation, lack of drive of where it is that we want to go, or that feeling of we’re just not reaching my full potential, those symptoms will continue to show up until such time as you make a decision.

Now, the question then I tend to get from clients is yeah, but I don’t know where I’m supposed to be going? I don’t know what direction I’m supposed to be going? Now I give them part of the elements of the image that I have for them by way of where their purposes is, where they’re supposed to be going in order to actually get them to take the steps or to guide them towards that path that they’re supposed to be taking.

For you, what I’m going to say is that the action that you’re supposed to take is the action that comes up. The more you listen, and the more you communicate with your unconscious mind, the more those actions, those inspired thoughts are going to come up. And those inspired thoughts create actions to be taken.

Now I use the analogy of, if you can imagine in your mind’s eye, whereby you’re driving down a country road, but it’s at nighttime. So if you can imagine that there’s no lights around whatsoever on this country road, and you have your headlights on, on the car, but there’s no road lights. There’s no streetlights because it’s completely pitch black outside, but you just have your headlights on the front of your car. All you can see when you’re driving that car down the country road is just a short distance ahead. You can only see a few meters ahead of you. That’s all you can see. So as you’re driving down, as you drive further and further down the road, all you can see is those few metres ahead of you as you move along the road, but you have a sense of where you’re heading. You have a sense of the direction that you’re supposed to be going. You have a sense of where you want to get to, but you just see a few meters down the road, because all you see is what the headlights show up for you.

When we’re at choice points and we need to take action of what it is that we’re meant to be doing, well then all we see is those few meters ahead. And what I mean by that is those actions, the first step that you need to take, that’s the step that appears. That next action that you’re supposed to take, that’s the next action that shows up. That’s the next action that you’re supposed to take. And even if there’s an element of fear, you take the action anyway, because you’ll always know the difference between a conscious thought and an inspired thought.

And perhaps I’ll explain that in one of the future blogs, but you’ll know the difference between a conscious thought and an inspired thought. An inspired thought, I gave you a few different examples before in previous blogs whereby you could be woken up in the morning or it literally pops into your mind while you’re doing something else, you haven’t been consciously thinking about it. But when an inspired thought comes up, the energy is very, very different. It’s a much more fun, lighter, happier energy. And even though there may be a fear attaching to that inspired thought because, Oh my God, I’ve never done that before. Or what am I supposed to do? Or how am I supposed to do it? That’s the conscious mind rushing in to try and work out how it’s going to do it, but the inspired thought at the very beginning was the piece of, Oh my God, this is what you’re supposed to be doing. That’s the next action that you’re supposed to take.

So even if there’s a fear attaching to the next step or the next action that you’re being encouraged to take from an unconscious perspective, know that it’s still an inspired thought or notice the difference anyway. In particular that it is an inspired thought. And once you know that it’s an inspired thought, understand that it’s the conscious mind kicking in for you to understand and to rationalize and how to make it happen that inspired thought or what action you need to take the planning or to work it out of what an inspired thought is.

So understand, yes, with inspired thoughts a fear can show up, but you’ll always only be given and encouraged to take the action of what you’re capable of taking at this moment in time. So when you’re at a choice point, whatever action that you’re absolutely capable of doing, even though the unconscious mind knows that you can achieve so much more, you can do so much more, it knows that it has a battle with your conscious thinking that it can only give you what the conscious mind thinks it’s capable of doing. So therefore, that small action that starts to happen or that small action that shows up, as soon as you take the action, those actions become bigger and bigger and bigger because really what’s actually happening is you’re getting to know and the courage and the competence in doing those particular actions that show up. So you’ll only be asked to do something that you know, or that the unconscious knows from your conscious perspective, it can take, and it can actually do.

It’s never going to ask you to do something completely wild that’s totally, utterly outside your competence level. So when it comes from that perspective, understand that it’s for you to take a firm decision, what’s followed is by taking action. Now some clients ask me when they’re in a business or if they’re in a job or a career, and they say, I can’t take that leap of faith because then I would have to give up my business, or I’d have to give up my job. I’d have to give up my career that they’ve built, they’ve spent so many years building and to be asked to either do something slightly different or something significantly different to what they’ve always been doing. But they know in their heart that that’s exactly what they want to be doing because the energy inside of them starts to light up from the perspective, “that’s really what I want to be doing. That’s my dream. That’s absolutely what I want to be doing.”

But the fear, holds them back. So the clients typically ask me, do I need to give up my business or do we need to give up my career in order to actually do what my inner desire of what I’ve been drawn towards? And I never ever, ever ask my clients to take that leap of faith, because they’ve got to present for themselves of when they’re ready to take that leap of faith. What I’ll do is I’ll bring about as much as I possibly can by way of dissolving their fears and ask them to take the smaller steps towards that bigger picture. So therefore their courage, or their confidence starts to build in relation to they’re going in the right direction. So I’ll never ask them to literally dismantle their existing business. I’ll never ask them to dismantle their existing career. What I ask them to do is work it in parallel.

So while you’re trying to pivot or while you’re trying to change that pattern, that course of direction that you’re trying to do, do it from a parallel perspective. So as you start to develop what it is that you want to do, as you start to bring about and make manifest what it is that you’re being drawn towards or what you’re being guided towards, that’s the conscious thinking that’s literally working out from that perspective is how do I literally plan out how do I work this from a parallel perspective? But when it comes from that piece, meaning the conscious thinking piece and you’re trying to work out well, how do we even do this from a parallel perspective, let alone taking a leap of faith and completely change overnight of what it is that you’re doing. Don’t go from a conscious thinking perspective, go from an unconscious thinking, because conscious thinking only knows black and white. It only knows based on past experiences, past knowledge, past learning from other people or other things or other moments or other events that it’s already gone through. That’s conscious thinking. So therefore the information that it has is only the information that it’s got knowledge of. It’s black and white, it’s finite.

So hand it over to the unconscious part of you and the unconscious part is infinite possibilities. And the more you align your Executive Center, with your Unconscious and to the SuperConscious, the more infinite possibilities start to show up. So what you do is you seek out those possibilities from your Unconscious. You draw them out, you draw them out towards you, of what it is that you should be doing by way of what are those next steps?

What are the actions that you need to be doing that’s in-line with your unconscious and in-line with the SuperConscious and therefore also in-line with your Executive Center? What are the actions you’re being drawn to? They’re the inspired thoughts. So draw that information out from your unconscious, not from a conscious thinking perspective, it’s two very, very different ways of thinking. But ultimately, as I said in the previous blog, what’s happening is, it’s trying to shift you from a state of Belief to a state of Knowing. And what I said in the last blog was that state of Knowing is absolutely surrendering and giving over to your unconscious to be guided by your unconscious to where you’re supposed to go. So the more you communicate with your unconscious and develop that relationship with your unconscious, the more you’re actually going to draw out in order to be given the actions that you’re supposed to take.

That’s how it works. It seems so simple. It is simple when you know how, but it’s so, so complicated for people to get around because they’re moving from a way that they’ve always worked to an absolute new way of being, a new way of working. So, that’s choice points. So understanding when you’re at a choice point, you’ve got to make a decision, and until such time as you put your both feet in the boat, that you firmly resolve in making that decision. And you’re taking action towards where that boat wants to go, where your unconscious mind wants to bring you to, it’s only good things that are going to happen, but for some people it’s about taking that leap of faith.

Now, all that shows up as I said was, all you’re going to see is a few metres ahead of you. That’s the car headlights when you’re driving down a country road. So whatever the actions that you are being asked to take right now at the moment, that’s what’s going to show up. The more actions you take, the more closer you’re getting to your purpose, the more closer you’re getting to your end goal of where you’re supposed to be. And therefore bigger actions will start to show up. And bigger and bigger ways of how it becomes about make manifest. Bigger ways of how you’re going to get the recognition, the reward, the impact.How you are going to make that difference in people’s lives. That’s what’s going to show up as you take the action towards where you’re being guided towards.

So the question I have for you now is, what are you being drawn towards to do differently? What is it inwardly that you’ve been drawn towards to do? So whether it be in your business, whether it be in your career, what’s that inner-feeling that you know you should be doing something different. And if you’re having those questions inside, that, you know what, I need to be doing something different, or what in your business, in your life, in your career, by way of making that difference or being guided on a much, much bigger purpose, but you don’t know what that purpose is, go back to previous blogs because I outlined how you find your purpose. But the next case is making a decision. Making the decision on the choice point and take an action on those choice points.

So what are you being asked towards to do? What are the next steps that are showing up for you? What is your unconscious mind trying to guide you towards, in order to take those next steps? And then you got to take action and take those next steps.