What is the value you bring to your clients?

It’s a powerful question, so take the time to ask yourself right now.

As an executive consultant I work with a lot of business owners and professionals, large and small. And one of the greatest differences between those that do well generally, and those that seem to be struggling for the most part, is their level of confidence.

Some people have a very clear idea of what they bring to the table, whereas others tend to think of themselves as just another service provider or supplier.

Here’s the thing – what you are providing IS valuable.

So stand tall, what you are doing is of HELP to your clients.

Now let me take you up one level: How can you optimise that value?

Most professionals think of their service from their own standpoint – ‘this is what we do and this is how we do it’.

But put yourself in the shoes of your client for a moment – if you were them, what would you love the service to look like from you?

How could it be better/ faster/ tick more boxes?

What often happens when you think about this is, you realise you can easily make your service a lot more attractive.

But also, you identify additional services that clients would be happy to avail of.

What is the value you bring to your clients?