What parts of your business do you love doing?

Laura is an interior designer.

She’s always been creative – especially visually, which led her to opening her own boutique interior design studio about 3 years ago. Before that, she’d been working for larger firms for years. And she’d always loved her work.

When she called me a few months ago, she’d only just admitted to herself that, to her utter dismay, she wasn’t quite happy. She now had her own company, working in a field she loved but her sense of accomplishment was at the lowest point ever. She couldn’t figure out why that was, but knew her business was suffering despite having had an incredibly successful start.

What happened was that as the business grew, Laura hired a few more designers and she gradually got busy doing marketing, writing proposals, meeting clients, handling the finances. Basically, anything, other than design work.

And it’s the design work that she actually loves.

Any business is a multi-faced affair – it requires a lot of work in different fields. You can’t realistically love all of them but it’s a must that you get to do what you set out for in the first place. Let me ask you, have you thought about this:

What parts of your business do you love doing, and how much of it fills your days?