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As professionals, time is our key asset. We want to be outstanding – not just in our mastery of time, but by providing excellent service to clients. Mastery of time helps us build an outstanding reputation – which means that clients come to us, saving us further marketing time and resource.

Do you feel you never have enough time to perform all the tasks involved in delivering on schedule for your clients? Then make the time with these simple tips…

  1. Client satisfaction is your income.

    The success of your business depends on the strength of your client relationships. As it is not possible to build excellent relationships with absolutely everybody, it helps to explicitly prioritise relationships, not tasks. We are always saying ‘No’ to somebody – implicitly or explicitly.

  2. Implement “focus time”

    when fee-earners can get on with work without interruption; even from you!

  3. When estimating work, add a 20% contingency

    which can either be used to deal with unexpected time required – or to delight the client by exceeding expectations.

  4. Carry a file of buffer tasks

    that can be done in the car, while waiting for a client, in a restaurant while waiting for service, at the airport or when appointments get cancelled.

  5. Drastically reduce meeting times.

    It is possible to have a very effective meeting in 30 minutes. Most clients (unless they have travelled long distances) will be impressed with a professionally-run 30-60 minute meeting.

  6. Make more use of scheduled telephone meetings

    , rather than seeing prospective clients up-front. Why travel to see a prospect that has made no commitment to use your services?

  7. If a client requires a query answered immediately, ask them why

    – respectfully and politely. Perhaps their deadline is driven by misunderstanding; or perhaps you will come to a better understanding of their business pressures, that may in turn create new opportunities in that niche.

What else would you add to this list?


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