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The Successful Professional Online Study Course – How You Can Get More Clients, More Fees, And More Time

Below you will find all the modules that make up the online training programme for the Successful Professional. With each module is a video, transcript, exercises and an audio-only version of the video lesson.


Lesson 1

Your Uniqueness

Lesson 2

Your Niche

Lesson 3

What Your Clients Want

I refer to the movie “What Women Want” in the above tutorial video. If you haven’t seen the movie, below is an edited version so that you can see the most important pieces instead of watching the full movie.

Lesson 4

Your Solution

Lesson 5

Your Unique Selling Proposition

Lesson 6

Progress Check-in

Lesson 7

Your Target Revenue

Lesson 8

Where To Find Your Potential Clients

Lesson 9

Your Client Attraction System

Lesson 10

Developing Your Client Attraction System

Lesson 11

Your Low Priced First Sale & Business Model

Lesson 12

Developing Your Pipeline

Lesson 13

The Value Conversation

Lesson 14

Increasing Your Conversion

Lesson 15

Getting Referrals

Lesson 16

Getting Testimonials

Lesson 17

Time Management Part 1

Lesson 18

Time Management Part 2

Lesson 19

Your Client Journey

To the right is an audio of business guru Michael Gerber telling a story about his experience in a hotel. This is a great example of understanding the client journey, and the power of making small improvements which have a BIG impact for the client.