Business Consultant – Improving Customer Service

Business Consultant:

Over the last month I’ve been keeping close attention to the customer service I’ve received from different businesses, and it’s amazing the lack of service that is available.

Even today when businesses are putting great efforts into getting more clients, this important area goes unrecognised. Most businesses that I’ve come across don’t look after the clients they already have. It’s bizarre!

I’m not just talking about the service you receive in restaurants or retail stores. I’m also talking about the service (or lack thereof) from other professional service providers. And in a climate of high competition, this is one area that is paramount to your success.

So just for now, why not take some time out and review your business and see where you think you could improve your customer service. Take a look at the following as a starting point:

  1. Review your client journey.

    There are several touch points your client has with your business, from your website, to your reception, to the phone being answered, to your first meeting, to your service being delivered…the list goes on. How do you think each of these touch points could be improved so as to improve the experience your client has with your business.

  2. Respond, Respond, Respond.

    We’re living in a hi-tech age where information in instantaneous. We no longer have the stage-coach to deliver our mail weeks after it has been sent. Even if you don’t like having a mobile phone, or like using email – your customers do. And your customers are more important. Every time I give a talk and this conversation comes up, the audience will generally comment about the lack of response or even no response that they receive from businesses. So turn the tables – how can you improve the responsiveness to your customers.

  3. Give your clients what they want.

    If you’re offering a service or a product to customers that is exactly what they are looking for, then you no longer have to sell. You’re providing what they want. But the only way you can find out what they want is to ask them. See what changes you need to make to your product or service to best suit your customers needs.

  4. Under promise and over deliver.

    You want your customers to be raving about you and your business. Firstly give them what they want. Then go the extra mile and give them something more that they weren’t even expecting. What is it that you can provide your customers that is over and above what they would expect?

  5. Give value.

    In today’s world business is about giving value. You have to come from a place where your intent is about delivering value to clients. Give them more and more value. It’s not about dropping your price, it’s about giving more value. While your competition are dropping their prices, they won’t be able to sustain their business. Find ways of how you can give more value to your customers.

  6. Change how you do things.

    Businesses in similar categories for example accountants, solicitors, restaurants…the great majority of them set up in business the exact same way as their competitors. But who’s to say it’s the right way? The businesses that set up differently, providing what they’re customers want, will typically be the ongoing leaders in their field. Other businesses will copy them, but ultimately they’ll be the leaders, attracting a higher percentage of the market share.

  7. Be positive.

    It’s easy to get despondent with current events. It’s easy to surrender, blame others and the environment. But it takes real courage to keep striving to be the best you can be. Your customers want and deserve the best. They want to be around positive people as the energy is like that of a magnet. See for yourself; do you prefer to be around positive or negative people? You can be, do, and have anything you want if you put your mind and your energy to it. So go for it.